Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maud Hart Lovelace 2009

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

Friday, June 13, 2008

Thing 24

Now that I'm done I spent time today looking at many other participants' blogs. I found some great ideas. I thought Janelle's idea of using You Tube or Teacher Tube for finding book talks was great. It is amazing what some of the other participants learned and ideas they had.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thing 23

Three words on a stick: Excellent learning experience

I really enjoyed this. At some points I was very frustrated but in the end I felt I learned many new things. If something more was offered I would definitely try it. I remember doing the first post and thinking about how scary it was. I look at my blog now and I have impressed myself. Blogging alone was simply a great learning experience and then to learn so much on top of that was just like icing on a cake.

I like the suggestion of adding the blog to my e-mail. I will have to try to do that in the fall. It would be neat to see if anyone from work checks it out.

Thing 22

I just signed up for the feed for Library2.1 I think since I've figured out the format and that is very similar I could keep doing this and learning. I admit finding time will be difficult. I wish I would stay motivated to keep going. Since school has been out I've spent a lot of time on this (today it is rainy and gloomy and I've been on the computer many hours). I wish there was more time for staff development during the school year.

Thing 21

I found this to be a fun social networking site. I was able to send messages to several people and I eventually figured out how to post the badge to my blog. I feel like it takes me forever to figure some of this out.

I added TeacherLibrarianNing to my Delicious list. I will keep an eye on that site. I haven't joined but want to read it occasionally.

Thing 21

View my page on 23 Things on a Stick

Thing 20

How did I not know that Hennepin County Library had a My Space page. I visit their website frequently and went back to specifically look if there was a link. I guess I'm not sure that I was missing much after I looked at it. To me social networking seems like something that people should do on their free time.

I checked out the My Space page for the UCSC Library Learning2.0. There wasn't much there.

Since My Space is for students over 14 children in our library should not have accounts. I do realize the importance though of educating our students about posting stuff on the internet.